Recounting - John Muir High School -
class of 1956 Alumni Reunion - August 2006.

revised February 3rd, 2007

Report on the Class Roster

The reunion cohort of Muir classmates and affiliates numbers about 660. Of these 660, about 56% have been located:

                 36% provided both email and street addresses
                 20% more provided only street addresses

                                   percent           classmates

known                              56%               369

missing                             29%               192

died                                  11%                 73

uncertain                         04%                  26

total                               100%                660

Classmate location was established for the reunion for over half our Muir 1956 classmates. Of these 369 verified classmates, about 160 (43%) registered for the reunion dinner. This participation resulted from efforts by our class volunteer "callers" who searched for, and verified, previously lost classmates. Jack is continuing to update this database, so please send news of any changes.

The total reunion list consists of those who were enrolled as class of 1956 cohorts, plus another 60 who were affiliated as junion high friends of Muir-56 classmates. This 60 asked to be put on the reunion list after hearing of reunion preparations from friends. While their feeder Junior High class made them eligible for our class at Muir, they left the area or made other school choices.

thanks to Classmate Callers who Searched

– to Find Classmates

Cliff Anderson

Neal and Molly Brockmeyer

Jerry Brown

Paul Butler

Cheryl Smith Conel

Lois Rothchild Evezich

Failyn Gilchrist Brooks

Ken Goldman

Pat Jacobs

Gretchen White Janssen

Ray Jones

Valerie Darrow Jones

John Kerr

Doug Kosobayashi

Keith LaMotte

Robert Losey

Linda Nelson Massey

Eddie Moses

Neal Salisian

Dick Schweickert

Dick Scoville

Carole Ketchum Slesnick

Jack Truher

and also to Reunion Event Coordinators


Westin Hotel: Paul Butler                   

Golf Tournament: Ken Goldman             


            Eliot    Cheryl Smith Conel, Neal Salisian              

            LaCanada    Molly Brockmeyer     

            Washington    Bob Clark, Junius Kearney, Doug Kosobayashi

Crus'n Colorado Blvd. (John Kerr)

Frank & Dean's Restaurant Reception—Frank and Dean's Restaurant and Supper Club, 3768 East Colorado Blvd., Pasadena (Ed Moses):

Dinner--University Club, 175 North Oakland Ave., Pasadena (Molly Brockmeyer):

Disc Jockey—Barry Lamster (Molly and Neal Brockmeyer):

Videotape of classmates—Raines Video Productions (Richard) (Neal Brockmeyer):

Video presentation at dinner—Bob Liljenwald (Ed Moses)

Photographs at dinner—Karl and Sharon Loveys (Neal Brockmeyer):

Muir Barbecue, Sunday (Ed Moses)

Planning & Committee Meetings (Neal and Molly Brockmeyer)

report prepared by Jack Truher 2007-02-03